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Birla Wellness Centre,Queens Mansion,Next to Cathedral aand John Conon School,400001


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About Us

Mickey Mehta 360 wellness temple consists of a customised, well planned diet based on each individual’s lifestyle keeping in mind that diet is high in fibre content and all other important nutrients and low in fat. It is designed in a way by Mickey Mehta’s team of Nutritionist, so that the metabolism is kept at an elevated level and there is no starvation. It also comprises of weekly follow-ups mainly to monitor their progress and to motivate them to maintain a certain level of discipline which is required for consistent weight loss.

Mickey Mehta 360 wellness temple objective is Lifestyle correction through physical, mental and spiritual transformation. This is achieved through the diet-plan and Equipment free exercises including Yoga and meditation to attain overall Metamorphosis. Mickey Mehta has a committed team of Nutritionists/Lifestyle Therapists, Yoga Therapists, Physiotherapists, Councillors, and Web Managers for his health portal alongside trained and certified instructors.

Yo is like saying yuppie, it’s young, cool, trendy, it’s another way of giving the Universe a High Five,” he explained.“These terminologies are self-explanatory, they harmoniously and seamlessly combine in the ‘Yo Workouts’ to help build the champions of tomorrow and stabilize and energize those of advancing years.

He is a renowned authority on the subject with years of experience personally training and creating a niche service that is relevant to today’s audience. Mickey Mehta has entered the ‘Limca Book of World Records’ for teaching swimming in 24 hours.

He is the only Asian personality in the wellness industry to own an independent page on Wikipedia and is exclusively recognised by Google under the key words “Global Leading Holistic Health Guru".Mickey Mehta has released many videos on wellness, wellbeing and holistic health.





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