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One app for you + One app for your clients = Lyfyo: The easiest system to Manage your business, receive online paymets and get clients self - booking 24/7

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Great features that leave your hands free for your services.

Client self service

Even if it’s after hours, lyfyo is available to your clients. People can check your free slots and book their visits 24/7 from any place with free lyfyo customer app.

Calendar management

It only takes a glance at your smartphone to learn what the day holds for you. Lyfyo makes managing and modifying schedules effortless for both individual calendars and the whole shop.

Client management

Keep key client details at your fingertips: customizable client profiles store information like booking history, no-shows and appointment reminders in one easy location. System automatically assign Client type based on their Visit as First Time, Repeat, Regular and Premium Customer.

Marketing & loyalty tools

Lyfyo  bookings and secure a stable client base: engage loyal and potential clients with email, mobile and social media blasts. Send Individual offer to Client through Mail and SMS

Point of Sale

Take online payments to make checkouts faster and easier than ever. Introduce a cancellation policy and fees to discourage no-shows.

Business management

Discover the details of your business with just a click. Generate reports on sales and commissions as well as manage your staff and inventory.

What Makes Lyfyo Business?

Having more time for your clients.
No more distractions during a service
Clients coming more frequently
This is Lyfyo